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Family Mass – 2/24/19

All Parishioners and friends are invited each month, it’s not just for those who attend the 10:00 am mass.

The Family Mass is a mass held about 8 times a year where we encourage the children of the parish to actively participate at mass: serve mass,  read the readings and the prayer of the faithful and serve as ushers.

Mass at 10:00 am;

A repast of light refreshments follow in the Church Hall after mass or 11:00 am.

Come and Celebrate

Please come and join us for some food and fellowship at 11:30 am after the mass.  It doesn’t matter what mass you attend.  We want to see you, please come.

10:00 am  –  Mass

11:00 am – Repast — Gathering — Refreshments, call it what you want, just come.

 Please join us!

We invite everyone in the parish to join in the celebration of our monthly Family Mass.

As always, all are welcome to participate in the various ministries.

If you’d like to donate any food, milk, juice, and baked goods for the gathering, please contact Lidia or Joe

Please join us as we start our new season,we would love to see all of you present.

Thank you!