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The Church Bulletins have been posted on our websites since 2006! I hope you have been reading them weekly and when you were unable to attend mass, see our bulletins on our website

To see our weekly bulletin, please look at the bar/drop-down menu on the home page where it says: About Mt. Carmel, Ministries, Events, Bulletins

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Welcome to our daily Holy Mass Live stream on Facebook (follow
this link:

from Monday to Friday at 5:00PM in English and 7:00PM in Spanish. Saturdays at 2:00PM in English, and 3:00PM in Spanish. Sundays at 5:00PM in English and 7:00PM in Spanish. We will be spiritually united in prayer. May God bless us, and Our Lady of Mount Carmel protect us. Amen.

Bienvenidos a nuestra transmisión diaria en vivo de la Santa Misa
en Facebook (siga este link:

de Lunes a Viernes a las 5:00PM en Inglés y a las 7:00PM en Español.
Sábados a las 2:00 PM en Inglés y 3:00 PM en Español. Domingos a las 5:00 PM en Inglés y 7:00 PM en Español. Horario de Colombia una hora antes al horario de Estados Unidos. Estaremos espiritualmente unidos en oración. Que Dios nos bendiga, y Nuestra Señora del Monte Carmelo nos
proteja. Amén.

Father Andres Baquero